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Friday 20 March 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Jet Set Eleganza Realness

Hieee, I'm back ladies & all things being equal I don't feel too much worse for wear (although I filled out a form on Monday & was wiped for the rest of the day, screens, focusing & logic are a total beeyatches).

Anyway I've been watching A LOT of RuPaul's Drag Race during the flare - it's been pretty much the only TV I could cope with without getting over tired - including the new season & I have been gagging to do a drag OOTD post for you all.
Well here I am doing a look inspired by the runway challenge the queens had to do at the end of the second episode of the new season.

The challenge was 'Jet Set Eleganza' & I had to wonder if a single one of these queens had ever been on a plane because
- other than the queens who were getting on a time travel plane to the 40s/50s/60s - not one of those fashionistas looked like they were about to get on a plane. Where were the comfy trousers, the hoodies & the trainers? Yes it was 'eleganza' but b*tch please, if you can't make realness  high fashion (or high fashion a little real) then drag race is the wrong place for you.

Anyway I was so annoyed I had to show them how it is done!
This outfit - thrown together out of whatever I happened to own, most of it 3-5 years old - is TRUE jet set eleganza (minus a cute braid, possibly an eye mask & definitely a pair of wedge trainers).

It was so much fun getting all pose-y & dragged out, although the headband, wig cap, wig & hat did press on my head a little (read lot) too much for comfort. I think I'd like to do more of these kinds of looks, the fashion blogger in me thinks that this is how all ootd posts should be from now on - super posed & dragged to the MAX! Seriously there is crazy amounts of makeup on my face, it's embarrassing.

I'm totally convinced that my drag name should be 'Contagion', obviously inspired by Detox (from season 5) who had the coolest name if not the greatest talent.

Anyway, what do you think of drag race, the look &...anything else really? ^^


  1. Have to admit I love drag favourite is always going to be Lattice, as a larger lady myself she is an inspiration.
    Love your look....very beautiful and very Drag race!

    1. Latrice is pretty awesome, I think Bianca Del Rio is my favourite, or Sharon Needles, Alaska, Jinx Monsoon or Max from the current season....or Latrice ^^ It's so hard to pick just one! ^^

      Sally x

  2. I just love how you pose in your pictures and the pout!

  3. Oh crap! This is awesome! & you do look all kinds of fabulous 'dragged' up :P love x

    1. Thank you ^^ With all the make up I had on I had better look fabulous lol I think there were cracks in the foundation after I smiled ;) love xx

  4. Your hair! It's beautiful! You look, amazing, Sally. :) x

  5. Love this. Your wig looks fabulous!


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