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Friday 26 June 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Perfectly Pink Polka-Dots

The weather has been glorious this week, isn't it always the way that you get wonderful weather only when you can't really enjoy it? It was always glorious whilst I was doing my exams & this week whilst I was too tired after powerchair football to do more than lie in my bed.
It was totally worth it, my team are amazing & you should have seen their faces when we won the cup. 500% worth however exhausted it made me (which was by far the most exhausted I've ever been).

As I was starting to come round I found Lindy Bop online which is a cool UK vintage inspired brand. I love a good midi skirt & whilst the skirts are super cute on the site, it is the dresses that I fell in love with. As a treat for being good & resting sensibly (which I did, however bored I got) I bought myself a couple, including this one.

As you may have guessed from reading my blog, I'm not usually a pink person.
Purple? I like. Peach? I can cope with. That kind of grey dusty rose? Love. But proper girly, fairies & ballerinas pink? Guk. I think the last time I had a pink phase was when I was about 9 & even then it was incredibly short lived.
I kind of got this dress as a 'it looks gorgeous & I love it but I know I'll hate it on me so I can send it back' kind of thing. Annoyingly I love it. It's just that shade of pink between peach, the pink of soap & glory packaging & the kind of dusty rose colours I love.
There are only 2 annoying things & those are the back zipper (which is impossible to do up without help) & the bust line which has a terrible tendency to look weirdly matronly....whilst showing off the girls. Then when I pin it up (which is an easy fix) it curls weirdly, probably me pinning it badly but that's how it is & I don't want to be too nice about something, it feels fake :)

The good parts are massive though, the fabric is lovely & hangs beautifully, the dress is fully lined & the polka dot pattern is super cute. The range of sizes is massive (going from an 8 to a 26, they run a little small - I'm a 20 - but the size guide has accurate measurements so you can get an idea of how the dresses will fit you) & the shipping is fast & cheap..... I think if I keep saying nice things I'm going to puke.
I think the best thing about the dress though is how pretty & girly it made me feel ^^ I felt like I was going to a tea party in some pretty black & white film :)

Anyway, here is the link to the dress, the tulle skirt I'm wearing as a petticoat & the blue belt I'm wearing (how good are my fashion blogger skills right at this moment?).

How have your weeks been? Did you get to enjoy the sunshine? And have you had a purchase recently surprise you?

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