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Friday 19 August 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: One Skirt, Three Ways

One of the things about being a spoonie fashion blogger is that I rarely let myself wear the same outfit twice. I don't get out that often so I aim to get photos taken every time. I don't but I aim to :)
One of the hard parts though is thinking of different ways to put together the pieces I have...
That's pretty much how I came up with this post. It's something I've wanted to do for years but never been able to put together, hopefully it will be something I'll be able to do semi-regularly from now on. No promises though :)

I got this skirt from Modcloth, I don't know who made it though. It's nice but it has a super cheap zip which sucks, it's a mega nuisance. The gingham is adorable though & it's a good basic skirt, literally goes with everything.

These photos were taken back in spring when there were bluebells out in the woods, except in the woods in the middle of Leeds (there is this cool old wood in the middle of Leeds for like no reason. It used to get MASSES of bluebells but doesn't seem to get as many these days). We'd gone out literally just so I could get away from my foster brother who was driving me crazy & ended up finding a patch of bluebells in my favourite park.
So, the top is from Pin Up Girl Clothing, the belt is from Hell Bunny & the hat + necklace are old, like 5 or 6 years at least.

I wanted one of these outfits to be very different to my usual style, something I would never normally wear. This outfit is a mixture of my style back in high school (the necklace & t-shirt date back to then) & my style now. When I was looking at the photos I couldn't help but laugh at how much it looks just like both the other outfits. Honestly though if you find a silhouette that works for you don't feel shy about sticking with it, even if this post didn't show very different ways of wearing the skirt it at least shows how different you can make the exact same outfit look lol

I even took these photos in front of my old haunt in Leeds. Back when I was in high school Leeds was full of goths & emos & moshers who all hung around the corn exchange :) They cleaned the corn exchange up a while back & killed the whole scene but that was me back in the day. I wore corsets & stripe-y tights, lots of black, tutu skirts & red lipstick...I kind of wish I had photos of me back in the day, it's a whole other lifetime for me ^^

I've already posted this outfit so I won't go into great detail but yeah, like I said when I posted it, the top is a little outside of my comfort zone (a very narrow colour palette somewhere in the region of muted, grey toned colours between pink & green - pink, purple, blue & green - with white & tan as neutrals + minimal black....).
I included this because it made me lol how different the outfit looks with just a change of colours & accessories, I mean all the components are basically the same. I am wearing a peasant top, a belt & the same skirt & yet unless I'm looking at them side by side I think of them as very different outfits...

So, one basic worn three ways... Is this a style of post you'd like to see again? How would you style the skirt? What basics do you wear all the time?

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