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Monday 3 November 2014

What I've been upto...

I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger but things, they are a changing. Mostly inside my body lol....

My brain is struggling a lot more than it was before & however much I rest it doesn't seem to be going back to the way it was. Words, language, rational thinking, coherency & attention span are the areas where I am struggling the most which is obviously going to kick back to the blogging. What I'm thinking may end up happening is that I will start posting a word heavy post like this once every two weeks & an almost exclusively photos ootd post every week. But you guys let me know what you'd rather I did.

Anyway onto more fun things ^^

With my attention span being so poor I've been playing a lot of computer games (I know that sounds counter intuitive but computer games keep moving you along...) & I have re-discovered point and click games! If you struggle with the controls in games (which I do) &/or want story rich games where the script & characters are more important than the graphics....point & click games are 100% worth trying out. Indie games companies are bringing out point & click games all the time & steam has LOADS of them!

Of the ones I've played so far I have to recommend the Blackwell series, the Book of Unwritten Tales series & a Quest for Infamy.

The Blackwell series consists of 5 games (the final one came out in April) based around a young lady who's family legacy consists of a sarcastic 1930's ghost & the ability to see the dead. The games are very short & the graphics are super retro but none of that matters. None of the puzzles seem forced, the talking is funny & interesting & when you finish the game you would be hard pressed to care that the graphics weren't as good as they were in 'The Last of Us'.

The Book of Unwritten tales series has all the elements of the classic fantasy click & point games from my childhood: humour, magic gone wrong, anachronisms, endless in jokes for nerds & that kind of puzzle where you need to collect a whole bunch of stuff to start collecting the other bunch of stuff that you need to actually do the thing that you were wanting to do in the first place (you know what I mean). It really adds to that though with updated graphics, multiple playable characters & the kind of complexity in a story you don't see a lot in modern games.

Back to 8-bit graphics, 'Quest for Infamy' is a very silly point & click, RPG! Although it seems to have just 1 ending you do have a lot of options all the way through the game & being able to play as a Brigand, Sorcerer or Thief not only increases the games re-play-ability, it also detracts from the feeling of playing a linear game. It's seriously silly & a lot of fun.

Other than that I got my first tattoo & a vintage film SLR (the Olympus OM-1) - photos of both on instagram.

There's this building in Leeds, the Corn Exchange, which used to be the centre of alternative fashion & culture. It had all the coloured jeans & black t-shirt stores, the Games Workshop store was in there, Ark was in there...all the funky stores were in the Corn Exchange. Then the council decided to close it, they refurbished & kicked everyone out & for ages it was mostly empty & no-one really went there. I guess over time they realised they made a mistake & the Corn Exchange now is a slightly cleaner, slightly posh-er version of exactly the same thing it was. There are a bunch of vintage fashion boutiques, Culture Vulture (an off-the-wall jewellery store), a few other cool, unusual stores & (best of all) there is an amazing tattoo parlour & a super vintage camera shop on the balcony.
Can you guess where my two cool new things are from? Lol
It's a really old building so the wheelchair access isn't great, honestly it's not even good but if you're in Leeds it's worth checking it out.

Anyway that's what I've been doing....


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling, I hope you feel better. Great post x

  2. Sorry to hear your not doing so well at the moment, get major cognitive problems too, don't push yourself to do too much. If you can't handle a word heavy post every two weeks don't worry about it. Rest is best, everything else comes later! :) <3

    1. ^^ That totally looks like my smiley face has a beard of some sort! :P

    2. Thank you, I feel like sometimes like I'm making excuses for not posting as often as I used to, it's so nice that people really understand :)

      Sally xx

      P.S. that smiley totally looks like it has a beard lol

  3. I'm sorry to hear things you're not feeling so great at the moment. I've missed your face around here, but I'd rather you we rested and as well as possible. This little space will wait for you :)

    Take care!


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