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Friday 26 September 2014

Spring/Summer Wheelchair Fashion Round-up

This week is the first official week of Autumn & I thought it might be quite nice to look back through some of the Summer/Spring ootd posts I've done this past year. I've done a surprising number off ootd of the day so far this year, I'm really impressed. I hope you guys have liked these ootds as much as I have ^^
  1. Mint & Floral Semi-Casual: I think this is one of my favourite outfits & it's definitely my favourite location. I normally take my ootds in my local park (4, 5, 7, 8, 9 & 10 were all taken there) so I'm always happy when I get to take pictures somewhere else. These photos were taken in a beautiful little back street behind York Minster. The light was also perfect, which makes me super happy.
  2. Yorkshire Lavender: Every time I look at these photos I am so disappointed that the light was so harsh but I still have to count it as one of my best ootds. Yorkshire Lavender is such a beautiful place & the outfit looked so pretty there that I would have been really happy with the pictures even if it had been snowing! Actually that would have been really cool....
  3. Scarborough Day Out: Beach outfits are CLASSIC summer fashion & I'm not really very good at them. The usual beachwear isn't going to work on my body shape in general, it'll look terrible in a wheelchair. Like TERRIBLE. I'm really proud that I managed to come up with an outfit that works for me.
  4. Spring Blossom: This outfit is one of those that worked really well but where the photos were never quite right. I think over 300 photos were taken & I ended up with maybe 3 I was actually happy with & one that was fine....I guess.
  5. The Style is in the Detail: I think this ootd is one of you guys' favourites. I wasn't 100% on it actually (I so should have rolled up my sleeves) but other than that it is a very kind of 'everything' outfit. Every single component worked together & there were a lot of components you know? I never normally wear that many accessories, it's too much effort ^^
  6. Not Quite a Cowgirl: I think this was another one of your favourites. I loved how the outfits worked but I wish I'd been able to get more of the cherry blossom in the background ^^
  7. Blue & White Summer: I feel like this is one of the best pictures of me that has been take all year. Possibly ever. Probably ever. Maybe I looked better when I was a baby but I can't guarantee it. It's just such a pretty dress & the combination looked just so pretty ^^
  8. Hot Wheels: I count this as my first proper ootd. It worked really well & (other than the background) I'd be totally proud of these pictures if I took them today even after all the experience I've had since then.
  9. Hazy Summer Days: I love the way this turned out. I'm not normally big into colours in my clothes & this skirt was not only a bright blue but also covered in an acid, neon coloured floral print. But I think the combination of the hazy summer light & the soft colours I was wearing really made it work.
  10. Watercolour Photography: I was so happy to be able to show off the camera bag FINALLY! ^^ I'd had this bag for a surprisingly long time actually & I was never able to think of an outfit I hadn't worn before to show it off with. But this skirt I got (on sale) was kind of perfect. It was equally funky & the statement necklace kind of tied the two together.

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  1. You have done so many lovely outfits over the summer and some amazing photos.

    My favourites are the photos of you in the lavender, such an amazing location and you look so pretty. I also love photo 8, you just loos though you are having so much fun.


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